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Today’s digital​ driven environment brings numerous challenges. From ensuring compliance with changing regulations around data security and more to supporting rapid expansion into multiple markets. ITS is addressing these challenges with ETHIX NG, a complete digital solution that enhances organizational performance, drives innovation and elevates the customer experience – all from one core platform!

delivers a complete retail and corporate banking solution. The Web based solution features a UX, BPM, Customization Layer, OMNI channel, Cloud Hosting capabilities, Unified Service Layer, Business API, (Application Programming Interface),Pre-integrated analytics, and Business Intelligence to support seamless collaboration between financial institutions and FinTech’s, and deliver a structured and organized approach to data analysis and reporting.

ETHIX NG optimizes and automates business processes, reducing human error and repetition, improving responsiveness to customer needs and evolving business towards a paperless environment. Implementation time is reduced, cost of ownership is lowered, and better customization is achieved. ETHIX NG’s Omnichannel ensures a positive and seamless customer journey across all potential touch points, while advanced analytics allows businesses to leverage data for more personalized engagement and experiences.

ETHIX NG also provides a seamless customer mobile experience, offering a Digital customer onboarding and Lending Platform, and a 360-view dashboard for accounts.



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bullet02.png​Dynamic Controls for Customizations​

​​​ bulletEthix Ng.png Business Model Definition

bullet02.pngComprehensive Core Components

bulletEthix Ng.png​Seamless modern Mobile channel​

bullet02.png​​​Comprehensive Loan/Finance Origination​

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ETHNIX NG acts as a digital platform which will complement the job of the FinTech
and allow financial institutions to work easily with FinTech.