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ETHIX Leasing provides a dynamic and parametrized solution for both Islamic and conventional Leasing institutions. ETHIX Leasing leads to an extended profitability and revenue through fast time to market; via a rich system built over a dynamic workflow engine, and supporting the full cycle of operational and financial Leasing (Ijara) either short-term or long-term. Also, ETHIX Leasing provides a complete control on all system aspects to the level of accounts, transactions and fees and avails a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool.

Below are some highlights regarding ETHIX Leasing features:

  • Dynamic Chart of Accounts
  • Dynamic Setup of Leasing Deals with ready-made templates
  • Handling all types of Leasing based on Workflow Engine
  • Providing all types of payment (either Cash Payment or Transfers)
  • Dynamic Reporting Module
  • Central Bank Regulation and Reporting Compliance