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All great achievements require time.

- Maya Angelou
Our Ignorance of History, Causes us to Slander our own Times.

- Gustave Flaubert
History is philosophy teaching by example.

- Thucydides

About Us

ITS portfolio comprises of world-class solutions and services in a wide range of industries including banks, investment companies and other financial institutions. We also serve Education, Enterprise and Government as our lateral strategy.
ITS ETHIX financial product is a leading corporate, Islamic and retail, banking solution, enabling institutions to maximize their returns while optimizing cost. 

ITS services portfolio comprises of strategic outsourcing, managed and professional services. We are able to support or customers’ critical business services through our strong industry-specific competencies.
We leverage “Global Delivery Center” to provide development, designing and delivery software and services solutions for our clients across the globe. We are enabled with latest technology in order to serve different markets. We positioned, collaborate and align ourselves with leading IT vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, SAS, HP, EMC, etc.

Our distinguished network of clientele consists of large banking institutions, financing companies, telecommunication service providers, oil companies, educational institutions, government entities and retail outlets.

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