Islamic Banking systems software and solutions

Digital Banking Suite offers a better banking experience

ETHIX Financial Solution is a complete, state-of-the-art Banking and financing solution that addresses the current and future need of the different business areas in banks and financial institution.
It is extremely flexible, easy to use, adaptable, user configurable, and allows organizations who use it to innovate and focus on creating new products and services and bring them to market very quickly.
In fact, "Short Time to Market" and "Low Cost of Ownership" was two primary criteria in the design of
ETHIX Financial Solution.

It will help banks and financial institutions to achieve internationally accepta​ble growth ratios in areas such as profitability, return on equity and return on assets, minimize the total cost of ownership and increase customer satisfaction and consequently customer retention.​

It is a parameter driven solution that builds all the business-processing rules on the administration parameters. This architecture provides the application with very high dynamic behavior.

It includes an SA KIT that lists all parameters of the administration that will control application response and business processing rules.​

It provides banks wi​th low cost of ownership as new channels are rolled out faster and at a lower cost because ETHIX Financial Solution was built on the concept of reusability, allowing banks to build a transaction or business rule once and re-use it multiple.

ETHIX Financial Solution is a flexible banking system tha​​t adapts to changes in technologies, networks and communications and can scale up to cope with any bank's expansion.

ETHIX Financial Solution is State of the art, end-to-end Banking solution that covers all retail and corporate Banking, including treasury and investment requirements.

It user interface is in Arabic and English, it is a multi-language solution and can support any other languages ​​supported by Windows Operating System. All the screens, forms, contracts, vouchers, report are bilingual and are generated automatically as per the preferred language of each user / customer.
With many built in engines such as the data defaulting engine, validation engine, work flow engine, document management engine, accounting entry engine, ... etc. to facilitate and speed up the bank user operations, reduce the amount of rework and data entry, comply to all business requirements and validations while processing any transaction in a paperless environment.
ETHIX Financial Solution is a multi-currency solution on all levels, customer accounts, lending facilities, GL accounts, accounting entries, fees calculation, ... etc.
ETHIX Financial Solution is designed and developed in a highly parameterized way to ensure ease of use, flexibility of change in addition to simple maintenance.
ETHIX Financial Solution​ is designed to integrate with IT systems of other local and international Banks and organizations, based on international standards and providing high levels of information security.​
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