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Jun 2012

ITS participated as Golden Sponsor in the Oman Islamic Banking and Finance

ITS announced its sponsorship in the 1st Oman Islamic Banking and Finance Conference (OITE) that was held at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Muscat , Oman from 5 – 6 June 2012.

It was held under the theme "Innovating the Future of Oman's Islamic Banking and Finance: Meeting Demands, Maximizing Opportunities," and aimed at creating increased awareness among professionals and establish a profound knowledge of proven strategies that can potentially change the future of Islamic banking in the country.

The conference discussed and displayed the main topics that related to the Islamic banking and the implications of Sharia'ah compliance for credit risk management, beside that it highlighted on some key case studies from Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand and Philippines. The event was attended by esteemed of speakers and high elite of Islamic banking and finance officials.

​The conference aspired to assemble the brightest minds in the industry to aid organizations in setting trends and encourage innovation for the banking sector to develop, thrive and connect to the global economy. Through keynote speeches by renowned speakers and global case studies, the event also featured countless opportunities to network, exchange of ideas and encourage dialogue on current issues to respond the challenges facing the industry today.

ITS Group also, stated that Mr. Ismail Ali, ITS Group Director Marketing Unit, contributed in the conference as a main speaker in which he discussed the Successful deployment of new Islamic banking solution is vital for efficient business operations which are now regarded as one of key players of global financial landscape. The nature of the Islamic banking practice which is based on compliance to Sharia rules makes the successful adoption to new Islamic banking applications and tools is paramount in creating and sustaining growth for Islamic banks. ETHIX banking solutions is the result of more than 30 years of technology and Islamic banking services that harness technology to meet Islamic financial institution’s needs.

ETHIX financial solutions of ITS have assisted many banks and financial institutions to minimize their operational costs as responding to increased demands of customers for both traditional and Islamic products and services.

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